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Privacy Statement

The XSGroup (hereinafter “the Group”) respects and protects your privacy rights.Please be sure to read the Group’s “Privacy Statement” in detail to help you understand how the Group collects, processes, and uses your personal information.

One. Scope of Applicability

I. The Group’s “Privacy Statement” applies to the collection, processing, and utilization of personal information involved throughout your business interactions with the Group; participation in various activities (such as registering for on-site/online events, becoming a website member, subscribing to e-newsletters, etc.); or making inquiries or suggestions via phone, fax, or the Group’s website comments mailbox (including the Group’s official website and the various business departments’ websites).

II. Regarding the personal information protection provided by a website independently managed and operated by a third party accessed via any link from the Group’s website, the privacy policies of the third party’s respective websites shall apply, and the Group shall not bear any joint responsibility.

Two. Personal Information Collection, Processing, and Utilization

I. When you conduct business with the Group or participate in various Group activities, we may ask you to provide the necessary personal information based on the nature of the business or activity, and we will process and use your personal information only for that specific purpose. This Group shall not use personal data for other purposes without your written consent.

II. If you contact the Group via phone, fax, or the comments mailbox on the Group’s website, please provide the correct phone number, fax number, or email address so we may respond to your inquiry.

III. When processing your personal information, the Group shall comply with relevant procedures and internal operating standards and conduct necessary personnel controls according to the information security requirements.

IV. The Group will not collect any personal identity information from you when browsing the Group’s website or downloading files.

Three. Personal Information Shared With Third Parties

I. This Group shall never provide, exchange, rent, or sell your information to other individuals, groups, private companies, or public agencies unless it is legally required or under contractual obligations.

II. The circumstances of the preceding proviso include, but are not limited to:

1. Cooperate with legal investigations by judicial units.

2. Cooperate with the investigation or use by the competent authorities according to their authority or duties (such as auditing by the audit department or accountants).

3. We believe in good faith that the law requires disclosing your personal information.

4. When your behavior on the Group’s website violates the Group’s terms of service, threatens or hinders the Group’s rights, or causes harm to others, the Group has determined that disclosing your personal information is necessary for identification, contact, or taking legal actions.

5. The Group must fulfill its contractual obligation to provide personal information based on the outsourcing contract relationship.

III. When the Group entrusts vendors to assist in collecting, processing, or using your personal data, the website shall supervise and manage the outsourced vendors or individuals.

Four. Use of Cookie

I. To provide the best-personalized services, the Group’s website will write cookies in your browser and read and record the visitor’s IP address, Internet time, and the number of times various information is viewed based on the needs of internal website management. The Group does not use this server log to analyze “individual” visitors; the goal is to conduct aggregate analysis of website traffic and online behavior surveys.

II. If you do not want to accept cookie writing, you may configure your browser to refuse cookie writing. However, this will prevent some website functions from working correctly.

Five. Server Logs

Our servers will automatically record certain technical information when you use our website via a browser, application, or another client.These server records may contain information such as your web page request, IP address, browser type, browser language, date and time of the request, etc.This server record is only used for server management purposes. The Group will not use this server record to analyze “individual” visitors.

Six. Revisions to the Privacy Statement

This privacy statement will be revised irregularly to reflect legal changes, the advancement of relevant technologies, and changes to internal management systems. The goal is to execute the original intent of protecting your privacy and network security.When the Group has finished revising relevant terms, we will immediately publish them on the Group’s website, and a prominent mark will be used to remind you to click to read.


Website Information Utilization Statement

I. Copyright Statement

1 All content published on the Global Information Network of XSGroup (hereinafter “the Group”), such as text descriptions, photography, pictures, audio recordings, videos, audio-visuals, etc., are protected by copyright laws.Institutions, schools, companies, or individuals may use the information on our website, but they must not violate the copyright law provisions.

2. Authorized units that collaborate or have contracts with the Group may use the works published in the Group’s name on the Group’s website within the scope of authorization. However, please clearly indicate the source when using the aforesaid works from the Group.If the users need to use the information on the Group’s website, reproduce all or part of the content, create derivative products, or distribute or add value to others, they shall not alter the original pertinent information contents and must respect the Group’s copyright by obtaining the Group’s prior approval.

3. If the information on the Group’s website contains the work of another copyright owner, the copyright owner’s permission must be obtained before said information can be published.

II. Links to the Group’s Website

1. Any website may provide links to the Group’s website (, and the Group’s official CIS logo must be clearly displayed when linking.

2. The name, location, and format of the files on the Group’s website may be updated or changed irregularly. Therefore, linking to specific files (such as htm) or using automatic retrieval methods to obtain relevant information is not recommended.

III. Relevant Links to the Group’s Website

The Group’s website only provides links to relevant websites to provide convenience to Internet users. The Group shall not be held liable for your use of other websites’ contents and shall not guarantee their accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or security.

IV. Disclaimer Statement

The Group will make every effort to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information on the Group’s website. However, the relevant content may be updated or revised as required, and the Group is not responsible for providing prior notification. The users must obtain the most recent information, understand relevant information’s meaning and usage restrictions, and use relevant information correctly to prevent incorrect interpretations.

V. Information Security Policy

This website’s information security operations and protection, rights and responsibilities, education and training, system access control, and other information security management shall be governed by the Group’s information security-related regulations.