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GameSparcs 2023 Consolidated Financial Results

GameSparcs 2023 Consolidated Financial Results

GameSparcs (6542) held a meeting of the Board of Directors today (March 7, 2024), during which the 2023 Annual Financial Report was approved. In addition, the Board of Directors resolved to distribute the earnings in cash dividends of NTD 0.6 per share and cash dividends out of capital reserve in an amount of NTD 0.4 per share, totaling NTD 1 per share. The general shareholders’ meeting was scheduled to be held on June 13 this year to pass the resolution. Since the terms of office of the directors are about to expire, all directors will be reelected at the general shareholders’ meeting.

According to GameSparcs, the financial statements for 2023 have been reviewed by accountants. The consolidated operating revenue in 2023 was NTD 774,449,000, the gross profit margin increased to 79%, the operating profit was NTD 123,847,000, the consolidated net profit after tax was NTD 102,105,000, and the net profit attributable to the owners of GameSparcs was NTD 102,022,000. The earnings were NTD 2.43 per share, which outperformed the same period last year. 

Bravo Casino, a popular interactive social game of GameSparcs, is about to celebrate its 7th anniversary from March 20 to April 16. To thank players for their continued support, GameSparcs launched the "Bravo Casino 7th Anniversary Offering, Free Premium Cards" activity. After logging into the game and completing the specified daily quests, players can participate in the daily drawing of Peng-Pai virtual treasure cards and the weekly drawing of premium cards from famous brands. Ace Club, another GameSparcs game featuring multiple players and diverse gameplay is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with its new spokeswoman Wang Cai-Hua by launching the "Ace Gift Offering" activity, and the luckiest players will be entitled to a Porsche 718 Cayman card, a Toyota Vios card, or a BMW G310R card.