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Human Rights Policy

Xiang Shang Games (the “Company”) strictly adheres to national regulations, including the Labor Standards Act, Employment Service Act, and Gender Equality in Employment Act. We also comply with international human rights conventions such as the "United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights," "UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights," and standards from the "International Labour Organization (ILO)." We've established the "Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles," "Code of Ethical Conduct," and "Work Regulations" in accordance with relevant laws, publicly disclosed to protect employee rights. Xiang Shang Games values its employees as crucial assets, providing meaningful work, a safe environment, competitive compensation, and benefits. We prioritize work-life balance, conduct rigorous education and training, implement group insurance, attendance, and performance management systems, and contribute to employees' pension funds as required by law.

XSGames continues to participate in the "2024 TALENT, in Taiwan"

Embracing talent, we can strive for even greater excellence. Talent sustainability has always been a paramount objective for us. In our commitment to fostering a workplace that is more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, XSGames declares its renewed participation in the "2024 TALENT, in Taiwan".
We pledge to actively support and collaborate with CommonWealth Learning, Cheers, Talent Sustainability Channel, and over 400 alliance partners in advocating for a better future for every worker.
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XSGames continues to participate in the "2024 TALENT, in Taiwan"






• Flexible Working Hours

• Incentive Travel Subsidies

• Meal Allowances

• Annual Leave

• Labor Insurance

• National Health Insurance, and Pension

• Wedding and Bereavement Allowance

• Maternity Allowance

• Year-end Bonus

• Mid-Autumn Festival Bonus

• Birthday Bonus

• Year-end Banquet

• Festival Events

• Labor Insurance

• National Health Insurance

• Group Insurance

• Employee Health Checkup

• Health Consultations

• Service by Visually Impaired Massage Therapists

• Leisure and Health Seminars

• Family Day Activities

Learning & Development

Centralized Training

Centralized Training

Centralized Training

  • Business Management
  • Management Training
  • Project-specific Skill Enhancement
New Employee Development Program

New Employee Development Program

New Employee Development Program

  • New Employee Orientation Training
  • New Employee Vitality Camp
  • Confidentiality Training
  • Information Security Training
Functional Training

Functional Training

Functional Training

  • Departmental OJT
  • External Training
  • Online Course
  • EHS Regulations Training

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Teamwork and Challenges
Internship to Full-time Role
Corporate Culture
Bea / Operations Vice President Jess / Programmer May / Product Manager Justin / Senior Art Designer Yung-Hui / Numerical Planner

Bea / Operations Vice President

  • Five principles for leading a team
  • Data-driven approach as an effective communication tool
  • Diverse leadership and communication courses to enhance team competitiveness

Jess / Programmer

  • Employee care and a friendly work environment
  • Providing opportunities for full-time employment after an internship motivates self-growth and leveraging personal strengths
  • Key value in career development: problem-solving and cross-departmental communication and collaboration skills

May / Product Manager

  • Building up experience, passing on values, and leading the team to growth
  • Offering opportunities and growth resources to partners

Justin / Senior Art Designer

  • The pros of introducing AI-enabled technologies
  • Mastering new technologies and effectively integrating them into products is crucial

Yung-Hui / Numerical Planner

  • Leaving my hometown to develop my career in Taiwan
  • Team mentality, rapid growth
  • Enhanced precision in communication for improved efficiency
Bea / Operations Vice President Jess / Programmer May / Product Manager Justin / Senior Art Designer Yung-Hui / Numerical Planner

Leading the game 08 Online for XSGroup, I follow five principles: "Letting Data Speak," "Anticipating Crisis," "Leading by Example," "Persisting in Hard Times," and "Developing Individual Plans." Our goals challenge market standards, aiming not just for growth, but maximal growth.

We've adopted a data-driven approach, making data our communication language. Precision in discussions introduced product health control indicators. Understanding market cycles helps us thrive in downturns and excel in bullish periods. Troubleshooting boosts team morale.

HR conducts leadership and communication courses, bolstering team competitiveness. Through IDPs and external training, we systematically enhance individual skills, amplifying team strength.

At university, I discovered XSGroup, a renowned online game developer, at a campus job fair. The interview process showcased their professionalism and genuine care. Their enticing perks, like afternoon tea and family days, fostered a warm and relaxed work environment.

During my Android team internship at System department, the leader's guidance and encouragement allowed rapid skill growth. Continuing with XSGroup post-internship was an easy decision due to the invaluable experience gained. Transferring to the iOS team later broadened my skill set, showing the company's commitment to diverse learning paths.

Key career values emerged: problem-solving in complex iOS architecture and cross-departmental collaboration. Overcoming iOS challenges strengthened my confidence in handling intricate tasks. Transitioning from intern to full-time staff demanded hard work but enriched problem-solving and communication skills, pivotal for career growth.

In over 7 years at XSGroup across 5 departments, involved in over 10 gaming platforms, I evolved from executing plans to a product manager. This journey broadened my insights, emphasizing cross-departmental collaboration and holistic project analysis.

Experience accumulation fueled my aspiration to build and lead a team. My aspiration is to evolve into an exemplary manager, sharing experiences to drive product development for the team and the company's benefit.

Prioritizing team growth, I guide by "removing obstacles" and "providing resources," fostering core values like synergy and trust. I delegate tasks to empower colleagues, enhancing the team collectively. I plan roles and offer growth resources for clarity and professional development.

In gaming, staying updated with trends and tech is crucial. The company ensures employees in tech or art use cutting-edge tools. Recently, the art department embraced AI design apps and workflows, boosting productivity significantly.

AI tools spark fresh ideas, tailoring designs, and slashing time/costs for repetitive tasks like initial ideation and artwork. They tackle productivity issues across projects, cutting down unnecessary revisions and communication costs. AI aids in accurately capturing requirements, delivering timely solutions closer to expectations.

Mastering new tech demands a learning curve, time commitment, and adapting to fresh creative approaches. It involves tool familiarity, skill acquisition, and constant improvement, demanding effective communication and coordination. The introduction of new tech necessitates shared understanding among team members, conflict management, and the pursuit of optimal solutions for seamless integration into products.

After excelling in a competition at National Cheng Kung University, I received a scholarship that led me from Malaysia to Taiwan for my studies. Completing my undergraduate and master's degrees, I pursued my passion, eventually securing a position at XSGroup. Despite initial concerns about the work visa, the HR department's swift assistance ensured a seamless entry into the company.

Primarily involved in probability-related projects, I received invaluable guidance from seasoned colleagues, propelling my rapid growth. Collaborations with the CEO further enriched my professional knowledge, revealing exciting paths for exploration.

Notably, work significantly enhanced my communication skills, enabling swift analysis of others' needs and proposing effective solutions. This improved precision in communication streamlined our development processes and minimized errors. It boosted both my efficiency and confidence, fostering better teamwork along the production line.

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