Products Overview
Online Products
  • 08 Online®
  • Bravo Casino®
  • Ace Club®
  • Jackpot Island®
  • HTML5 Games
Offline Products
  • Golden Seven® LAN-based Gaming System

Online Products

08 Online®

XSGame's online game platform, designed for hardcore gamers, has launched for over 10 years. It offers a variety of games, including slot, Pachislot, and live dealer games. It is also awarded the Best Game on Google Play and is the #1 social casino game, in terms of both downloads and revenue list in Taiwan’s Google Play and App Store.

Bravo Casino®

Launched in 2017, Bravo Casino is a social casino game on both Google Play and App Store. The game creates its social environment, encouraging players to interact together with each other. It had ranked #1 in Casino category on Google Play.

Ace Club®

It’s the enhanced version of the group’s most popular game “08 online”, developed and published by GameSparcs as its stepping stone towards gaming industry. The game excites its players by the group’s latest games and most successful events. From the technology point of view, Ace Club utilizes the most comprehensive cloud technology, making it flexible, durable, and scalable.

Jackpot Island​®

Jackpot Island is the latest social game platform developed by Megata, which is designed for casual players of the global market. Players will follow an adventure storyline of its mascot raccoon on the Jackpot Island and enjoy the excitement of all sorts of mini-games, bringing Jackpot Island to a new level among social casino games.

HTML5 Games

XSGroup is known for its creativity and innovation in gaming industry, which is always shown in its collection of games. Over 100 of XSGroup's most popular games are published in HTML5 format and available for integration, which including slot games, poker games, live dealer games, and fishing games.

Offline Products


Velvix's 3 cabinets CURLX®, CLIMAX®, TWIMAX® and over 10 slot games are developed by our multinational R&D teams across Australia, US, Taiwan, and China. All of these cabinets and games are certified with international safety and quality assurance, meeting the highest standard of the Class III casino. Our cabinets equipped with the latest digital betting panel with programmable bet configurations, the main screen with touch screen function, and entertaining game experience driven by edge-lighting effects.

Golden Seven® LAN-based Gaming System

The Golden Seven LAN-based gaming system developed by AQURA is the mainstream system for game room operators. The system provides a total solution for operational needs. Agents and game room owners can manage players, staffs, store owners, game combinations, and bookkeeping through its backend system. It offers more than 110 casino games and supports versatile setup such as cabinets, PCs, and mobile apps to meet all market demands. The system was awarded G2E (Asia) Hot Hit Product in 2018.