Established in 2009 and headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan,

Xiang Shang Group (XSGroup) is an R&D-focused company committed to developing and publishing high-quality games.

We offer a wide variety of games through diverse platforms to millions of PC, iOS, and Android users.

Our social casino game is top ranking in both downloads and revenue list on Google Play and App Store.

In addition to B2C business, we also offer B2B service by licensing our products to our business partners throughout

Europe, America, and Asia. Each year, we participate in major international gaming exhibition,

such as G2E, to showcase our latest gaming products.

Transparency, Growth, and Excellence

XSGroup's core values are Transparency, Growth, and Excellence. We have more than 500 outstanding employees, with

more than two-thirds of the total number of R&D talents, distributed in 7 work sites around the world. Our innovative

technologies, solid R&D capabilities have won us numerous awards such as the Best Game in Google Play, G2E Asia Hot

Hit Award, and Digital Contents Award by Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.

Global Offices

  • USA
    Los Angeles
  • Australia
  • Taiwan
    Taichung (HQ) /
  • China
    Hangzhou / Chengdu



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